Alvis TB21 Sports Roadster (1952 – 1952) Review

Alvis TB21 Sports Roadster (1952 – 1952) At A Glance


+Lovely Alvis engine and chassis, rare as hen's teeth

-Strange styling

The Alvis TB21 was a replacement for the TB14, and like that car, featured handsome sports car styling, which was much more modern than the other cars sold by the company at the time. The TB14 had been a commercial failure, but it was hoped that the same fate wouldn't befall the TB21 as well.

Sadly, it proved not to be the case - 31 were sold. It's difficult to understand why as the TB21 was a great-looking sports car, and used the same chassis as the TA21, combined with an AP Metalcraft coachbuilt body. The new car was also fitted with the TA21's 90bhp engine, which gave it great performance - and that meant it was expensive, which probably explains the slow sales in its home market.