Alvis TE21 and TF21 (1963 – 1967) Review

Alvis TE21 and TF21 (1963 – 1967) At A Glance


+Stack headlights, performance from the 150bhp version

-End of the line until revived by continuation series in 2019.

The Alvis TE21 was the end of the line, and what a great swansong it was. The styling of the TE21 was a gentle evolution of the Graber scheme debuted on the TD21, while the TE21 ended up with its characteristic stacked-headlights, which managed to make it look very fashionable indeed.

The TE also gained a new cylinder head that lifted its power output to 130bhp. Both saloon and drophead were available, and it’s the latter that's the most in demand today. Power steering became a desirable option from 1965, but Alvis saved the best for last.

Just 106 TFs were built, but they come with a triple-carb 150bhp engine, improved gearbox and uprated suspension. Rover bought the car company, and planned to build a P6-based replacement, but it never saw the light of day - and from 1967 Alvis ended up concentrating on armoured vehicles.

What does a Alvis TE21 and TF21 (1963 – 1967) cost?