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Allard Reviews

Sydney Allard founded hos company in 1936, with his first car being based on a Ford V8. the first bespoke allards came along in 1945, still with Ford V8 engines but now with very distinctive long-nosed bodies.

always competition-orientated, allards remained rather idiosyncratic and dramatic-looking until the 1950s when a series of roadsters – the K3, Palm beach and Jr – came out, sporting four- and six-cylinder engines as well as V8s. demand plummeted as rivals produced cheaper, faster, better- looking alternatives. the firm ended up modifying Ford anglias until 1966 when a fire destroyed the factory. Sydney allard died at home the same night.

Good: Brilliant to drive, and well worth the current revival
Bad: Quirky looks, and incredibly rare in the UK, with most models in the USA
Good: More practical than the K1/K2
Bad: Not as refined as it should have been
Good: Huge amounts of fun
Bad: You'll pay for it...
Good: Good looking for an Allard
Bad: More appreciated now than when new - and after the J2X, a bit too calm...
Good: Top drawer performance and provenance
Bad: Made from unobtainium