Allard P1/P2 (1949 – 1951) Review

Allard P1/P2 (1949 – 1951) At A Glance


+More practical than the K1/K2

-Not as refined as it should have been

The Allard P1 was based on the M ‘drophead coupé’, and was effectively a hard-topped two-door saloon version of it that broke with tradition for the marque by at least tilting at offering some creature comforts. Although marketed as something of a gentleman’s carriage, the P1 and later P2 Shooting Brake couldn’t disguise their competition roots, so were uncomfortable tourers. But they were also had brilliant handling, making them an appealing proposition for keen drivers.

Sydney Allard drove one to victory in the 1952 Monte Carlo Rally, making him the only person in the history of the event to win the event in a car bearing his own name. Today, the P1 and P2 have a considerable following, which maintains their high values.