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Allard K3 Roadster (1952 - 1955)

Last updated 7 June 2018

Good looking for an Allard
More appreciated now than when new - and after the J2X, a bit too calm...
were produced
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The K3 was Allard’s attempt at producing a less raw, more sophisticated roadster, designed to appeal to export markets - especially the USA. It came with more aerodynamic styling, a single-piece bonnet and wide bench seat that was supposed to accommodate the entire family.

As good as the K3 looked on paper, it proved to be something of a sales flop, most likely because American buyers wanted basic and cheap fun in their English sports cars, something that the K3 was notably lacking in. But it was a pretty car, especially by Allard's standards.

After production ended, the K3 wasn't replaced, and Allard ended up modifying Ford Anglias until 1966 carmaker and creator met a tragic end - a fire destroyed the factory, and Sydney Allard died at home that same night.

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