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Fiat Uno (1983 - 1993)


70 SX i.e.

reviewed by Best Driver on 15 January 2016
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A great, nippy fun to drive, economical ...rustbucket of a sieve.

Fiat Uno 70 SX i.e. review

We bought the Fiat Uno sometime around the end of 2005 beginning of 2006, this is the earliest record I have of it is a charge for a new battery. I remember that we had to get a new battery just after we got it so whether this is the new battery or not I don't know.

The Uno was great fun to drive it had a 1.4 (1372cc) single point fuel injection engine mated to a low geared 5 speed gearbox. The low gearing made the Uno exciting to drive although it reduced the fuel economy quite a bit, and made the engine quite loud at higher motorway speeds and when worked hard. The gearbox was easy to use all the gears were easy to find although the change quality was slightly notchy and agricultural. The 70 SX had a rev counter so you could tell when the revs were right to change gear.
The brakes on the Uno were bad but if you were used to them like all car brakes you could anticipate.The Uno suspension was adequate and the car liked body roll in the corners- a very cheaply put together Italian feeling car. The all round visibility was good, reversing and parking the Uno was easy.

The Uno had it's own unusual looks formed by its boxy sharp shape it had the best aerodynamics in its class, the more you looked at it the more it grew on you.
The front windows were electric but the switches kept on falling into the door handles and had to be fished out again.
The interior was the best point of the Uno as it was a perfect specious supermini. The size and dimensions inside were almost perfect.
Plenty of room for tall people in the front with obviously more legroom in the front, however there was plenty of headroom in the back for tall people. The panels were covered with corduroy and it amused me to think 'how many pairs of trousers per Uno?'
The boot was moderately sized as well meaning the Uno was the perfect holiday car for short holidays , not requiring to much luggage but meaning you could drive distances in comfort as the seats of the Uno were well padded and very comfortable.
The driving position was slightly offset but it didn't bother me.
The main problem with our car was that the window seals around all the doors and the windscreen were not watertight and so large puddles of water collected in the footwells. The cut outs under the front seats instead of allowing warm air into the back footwells just allowed the pint of rainwater to move around soaking everyone’s feet.
The UNO also didn't like cold or wet weather as the car would not pull out of 1st gear up any slopes and stalled as a result so you had to travel around in 1st until the engine had warmed up enough.
We spent a large amount of money over £2000 in the 4 years we owned the car on MOT and servicing parts because things kept on failing, In the end we got rid of it because it was failing to idle.

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reviewed by lowflyingpilot on 9 May 2015

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