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Fiat Punto (1994 - 1999)

reviewed by Jonathan C-Jackson on 9 April 2021

1.2 SX

reviewed by hugomckoff on 1 March 2011
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Gets you from A-B but thats all!

I had this car for two years and really understood the Fix it again tomorrow name that fiat get.

Even though i didnt have the base model it felt like it, infact i don't know what else they could take out.

There was no rev counter but instead a clock that replaced it. No features to speak of at all. But i at least thought that without all the bells and whistles it wouldnt have much to go wrong - no power steering, no electric windows, alloys, air con, cd player you can forget the lot. You get one drivers airbag and nothing else.

The wipers were poor theres no settings like you get on any other car, intermittant is best described as fast but less often.

The gear change is horrid and the gear stick is really long. The gear ratios are not great in stop start traffic you are always having to go from 1st to 2nd and then back down, neither can manage it first is too short to keep it from screaming out to be changed and 2 is too much because you'd stall.

The windows (wind up and down) pop out and you have to push them back into plastic clips to get them working again.

Below the windscreen there is a plastic sheet which is a cover where the wipers are attached, you wouldnt realise but it has two small circle holes with plastic tubes to take water (such as rain) from the windsreen through these and out below the car. Except these block really easily and when they do the stagnant water sits in a well, when it gets high enough there is a vent for the heating and the water will go through it into the passenger footwell. Its really easy to fix by taking the wipers off, clearing the drainage holes and putting back on but it took me ages to figure out where the water was coming from (it also makes the wiper linkage die).

To sum up it was endless trouble, if you I once got a crunching metal sounds - the rear control arm when through the back tire on the motorway.

The car was serviced on a regular basis and looked after but it still had so many problems, the most annoying was the driving it somewhere and then it not wanting to start for a couple of hours after. Everything felt cheap, everything looked cheap, and performed badly, go round a corner and the fuel gauage would read empty - even if you had a quarter of a tank!

Security is poor and i was surprised by how easy someone broke into it with a crow bar, literally taking the passenger door off in less then a minute. Glad i don't own it anymore. Its nickname was the blamonge as it used to drive like one, you could turn the steering wheel and the car would carry on in whichever direction it was going before eventually sliding around a bend or corner, body roll is really bad and the seats are unsupportive.

Not to mention the FIAT RED KEY which seems pointless. Fuel economoy was also really really poor.

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