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Alfa Romeo 166 (1998 - 2005)

reviewed by Racheal Whitehead on 18 April 2020

166 2.0 twin spark turismo

reviewed by Anonymous on 8 November 2011
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Superb underated Alfa and most stylish saloon this side of a quatroporte

I have owned two previous 166,s both 3.0 v6,s before one a manual and one sportronic ,my current 166 a 2.0 ts was bought with delivery mileage in 2006 and as of nov 2011 i still own it.
Having owned many Alfas i find the 166 the best saloon yet and have prefered it to the somewhat boring 159 .
Mine is the face lifted version which was launched in 2004 and has proved in 58000 miles to be reliable and has worn exceptionally well.
Body and paint are still excellent and the superb leather has proved hard wearing and still looks fantastic.
The only issues i can say are keep an eye on oil as the TS burns quite a bit and that is the reason many TS engines suffer crankshaft problems ,so keep an eye on your oil. The cam shaft variator needs replacing every time you do your cam belt as it will sound like an old diesel. And radiators have a life of around 60000 miles ,they silt up and cause the head gasket to blow.
Remember this isnt a Ford mondeo this is a thoroughbred and needs love and attention and will repay you back every time you sit in it.
Overall a superb misunderstood and overlooked executive saloon and one you probably wont see another everyday.
A real Alfa

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reviewed by Boulder2k9 on 15 January 2011

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