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Gallery: Land Rover Defender gets the axe in 2015

The Land Rover Defender - one of the few classic cars you can still buy new - is to go out of production in 2015. The iconic off-roader, which has been on sale since 1948 in one form or another gets the chop in the face of escalating safety regulations and a changing market place. Land Rover has confirmed that it will be replaced.

The Land Rover Defender is identified with the UK in much the same way as the K6 telephone box, black London taxis, and the Mini - and it's now the last bastion of original 1940s automotive hardware. And it's also loved by HRH The Queen. Okay, so the number of parts shared between the Land Rover of 1948 and the Defender of today are miniscule, but it's still fundamentally the same vehicle. And to show you just how much it hasn't changed, here's a gallery of each major model through the years,

Enjoy the gallery.

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1948 Land Rover Series I (1948-1958)

The original Land Rover was the brainchild of Rover’s chief engineer, Maurice Wilks. He owned a ‘demobbed’ Jeep, was impressed with its abilities and wanted to create his own version to build in the Rover factory in Solihull. The idea to actually build one came in 1947 as his Jeep was worn out and as there was no British replacement on the market... 


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