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A Grand Monday: MG Metro £1295

Here’s a car that brings back some memories. Having grown up with Metros as my first car (mainly Austin flavoured), I must admit that I’m quite tempted by this MG Metro that’s up for £1295 or near offer.

Okay, so it’s slightly more than our £1000 budget, but we thought it was worth a look – especially as there are only 559 left. Finished in white, it has three months’ MoT left and just fewer than 104k miles on the clock.

According to the seller, it’s an ‘honest example that’s never been welded’. That said, it’s still worth checking out the usual Metro rust spots.

You might want to hit ‘print’ here as it’s quite a list. Ready? Inner and outer front and rear valances, front panel behind the headlamps, front wings, A-pillars, rear wheelarches, door bottoms, outer sills, subframe mounts… and everywhere else.

Inside, it looks pretty clean and tidy but check the seat bases for sagging and the upholstery for wear. Replacement Metro interior bits aren’t as easy to get as you might think.

The seller reckons all the mechanics are in good order with no oil leaks from the engine or gearbox. Check for signs of a worn headgasket (overheating, oil and water mixing). And make sure the car hasn’t been run before you get there. Damp can play havoc with a Metro’s ignition system.

If you’re satisfied that it’s a good car, though, we reckon it would make an excellent starter classic.

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