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I have a 1995 Volkswagen Golf that needs £1000 of repair work - should I keep or scrap it?

I have a 1995 Golf GTI 16V, which I've owned from new. It has failed its MoT due to under body corrosion. The estimated repair is likely to be around £1000, although the garage say this will depend on the extent of the corrosion. They say that they'll only know how bad it is when all the covers are removed. I think there is also a drain on the battery, which is undiagnosed. The current MoT expires in mid-April. The car has done 106,000 miles, but I'm a senior and do very little now.

Asked on 20 March 2018 by mike sheldrick

Answered by Keith Moody
Golf are always desirable cars, especially in GTi form. Over the past decade, we've seen a domino effect. For example, when prices for a Mk1 GTi got too high, people started going after the Mk2 GTi. Prices for these are now high, but we're not necessarily seeing a shift towards the Mk3 GTi. Perhaps because in the 1990s, the GTi wasn't actually the quickest car in the range - that honour went to the VR6. Only you can decide if it's worth spending the money to keep the car going - do you like driving it? Does it mean a lot to you? To give you a rough idea of Mk3 GTi values, projects tend to be about £400 while the very best seem to go for about £2000-£2500.
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