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Should I keep my BMW Z3 or sell it?

I have owned my 2000 BMW Z3 3.0 since I bought it from my sister in law in 2005. It has all the bells and whistles as extras such as a leather tonneau cover and an M steering wheel plus a hard top and a full strong strut which my husband had fitted. It has a full service history, 82,000 miles, and has never missed a beat including trips to the French Riviera. I note that there are now only 360 of this model left in the UK, including 114 on SORN. It is in very good condition though it has been driven, so there are a few slight signs of that. I am toying with the idea of selling it ,although it would be a wrench, but given its relative scarcity would I do better to wait a while, do you think? When I insured it last year, the insurers would only insure for £6000 agreed value and from what have seen lately at classic auctions that might not be enough?

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If you like the car and enjoy driving it, I'm not sure why you'd consider selling it? What would you replace it with? As long as your realistic and allocate some money each month to keeping it on the road and look after it, you should be able to enjoy a good few miles yet in it before the bigger jobs start to come your way. In terms of values, £6k is top money for a roadster - the coupes can go for a bit more and Z3Ms are much more expensive.
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