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Why is insuring a non UK resident on a classic car so expensive?

I am the owner of a 1975 MGB GT for which I pay £106 insurance limited to 2000 miles per annum. My son, the former owner and insurer of the car has been a French resident for the past year. The insurance company want an extra £290 to insure him for the occasional time he may be able to drive the car whilst in the UK, let's say 10 times a year. Note he has a clean UK licence and is aged 47 and never been refused insurance. Would you be able to explain why the additional cost is so high and recommend a cost effective way of insuring him?

Asked on 20 November 2017 by Gareth Cooper

Answered by Tim Kelly
The increase in cost is due to your son being a non UK resident.The additional £290 is still very cheap compared to insuring him on other vehicles. Your son would need to be a UK resident for it to drop down again. Alternatively your son could try insuring the vehicle through a French insurer naming him as the driver on your vehicle in the UK. This would be the option I would try.
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