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Why don't classic insurance policies accrue no-claims discounts?

Until recently I have driven exclusively on classic car insurance. Despite never claiming, I have accrued no NCD, as these are not a feature of classic policies. That seemed a reasonable trade-off for the low premiums compared to conventional car insurance. But when I came to insure a modern car last year, I was dismayed that no insurer would give me any NCD, even though they can verify my (no) claims history via their database. Does that strike you as unfair? They can't even argue that my past mileage has been too low, as all my classic policies have either been unlimited or with a high agreed limit.

Asked on 31 May 2018 by Adrian Pettet

Answered by Honest John
Yes, it strikes me as unfair. They have all your claims history on their underwriting database. Unfortunately, we have to play by their rules, not ours. Perhaps look at insuring your modern car in an alternative way? Telematics box? Limited mileage?If you're retired, make sure it does not have "to and from a place of work" as this will reduce it dramatically. Use a good broker and not just price comparison sites.
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