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I'm stuck for choice on buying a classic - what's reliable, comfortable and fun to drive?

Having just retired, I want to treat myself to a classic sports car. I'm even having a garage built to tuck it away. Problem is, I can't decide what to get. With a budget of £25,000, I've considered and rejected so many. Priorities are that it's reasonably reliable, comfortable on longer journeys and fun to drive. I've owned three MGB and (briefly) a Jaguar XJR 4.0-litre. Any thoughts?

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With your budget, you've got plenty of choice. Triumph TR6s are excellent and there are plenty of mods available to make it more reliable and more comfortable. But if you want modern-car style convenience in a sports car, you're probably going to be looking at a Mercedes SL. There's always plenty of Porsche to choose from (911 or 928 if you look hard) that have a grin factor as standard - or you could get yourself a super-saloon like a Mercedes 190E Cosworth. If you're not sure, try and drive as many different models as possible - enjoy choosing your next classic.
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