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My Austin Healey gets very hot inside - can you suggest anything to help?

I have an Austin Healey, which is very hot inside when driving due to engine and gearbox heat. I've added heat insulation material under the carpets but it is still too hot, especially on the passenger side. Are you aware of any product designed to insulate from heat which can be added to the floor and bulkhead?

Asked on 2 August 2017 by Frank Rush

Answered by Keith Moody
Healey Hotfoot is a well-known condition. You can take some steps to rectify it, but I'm not sure you'll ever get rid of it. First of all, check that the factory heatshields are where they should be and all the holes in the bulkhead are sealed up with the correct grommets. Fitting more modern carpets with insulation will also help. Products such as Dynamat can keep heat (and noise) to a minimum.
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