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I've had no offers on a Daihatsu Grand Move manual I'm selling - any advice?

I have offered my 1996 Daihatsu Grand Move service manual on eBay and on the Daihatsu Owners Club, free plus cost of postage. I have had no interest. Have you any suggestions please?

Asked on 2 August 2017 by Richard Creak

Answered by Keith Moody
It's a fairly specialist item, so it might take a while to find the right buyer. Many of the cars for sale website will also take listings for books and manuals, so that might be worth a go. You could also have a look on social media platforms such as Facebook to see if there is a Daihatsu-related page (Facebook also has a sales section). Finally, you could write in to the classics magazines and newspapers which still carry classifieds and for sale items.
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