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Do you know of any alternatives to an obsolete part for my 1990 Ford Fiesta RS?

I own a 1990 Ford Fiesta RS Turbo. A 'suppressor' connected in the fuel injection has broken down causing the engine to cut out due to fuel starvation. The part number number is V90FB 158209 AA Finis code 6548414. It is no longer available. Is it possible to find an alternative part?

Asked on 30 June 2017 by Tim Viney

Answered by Keith Moody
Unfortunately, this is an all too common situation with cars from this era. There are a couple of paths you can take to help you try and track down that elusive part. One option is to join the relevant classic car club - sometimes they run a spares business, or you might find that someone in the club has a spare. Either way, you'll have a few more eyes and ears on hand to help you on your quest. Try to establish if this part was used on any other Fords of the same era or - even better - shared with another manufacturer. Parts interchangeability must not be over-looked. Trawling websites like eBay is another option, as is ringing around local breakers yards. You could also try calling some new Ford dealers - not every dealer bins parts as soon as they become ten years old. Or some of the more well-known classic Ford dealers. If they can't help, they might be able to point you in the direction of someone who can help. The next thing to do is to visit the autojumbles, there are a couple of Ford-specific ones.
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