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Can I use super-unleaded fuel in my Volvo 850?

I have just acquired a K reg Volvo 850 GLT with just 25,000 fully-documented miles on the clock. Is it okay to use super-unleaded fuel in this car? Also, would it be wise to use a petrol additive such as Fortes to flush the engine?

Asked on 20 February 2017 by DB Chesham

Answered by Keith Moody
Check the manual, but I think these are okay to run on 95 but running it on 98 super-unleaded will be fine. You don't need to use an additive to flush the engine as most good quality super-unleaded fuels contain something similar. If you're experiencing a flat spot under acceleration, then a few tanks of super should help clean things up. They were never the most economical cars in the world, so if you're looking to get the best fuel consumption make sure the servicing is up to date with fresh oil, filter, plugs and leads. These are great old buses that will soldier on for many hundreds of miles if they're well looked after. Enjoy!
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