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What's the best modern classic for under £10k?

I have £10,000 to spend on a modern classic convertible. Could you advise on the most 'collectable' car on the market? I was considering either a Mk1 Audi TT or Mercedes-Benz SL.

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Better a BMW Z3 3.0i. Mk I TTs have lots of problems. SLs have rust issues and problems with their roofs. Look them all up in 'Good and Bad' sections.
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Design icon with surefooted handling and an intricately detailed cabin.
Cockpit is a good place to be, even on a top-down motorway cruise. Have fallen in value so much (from £1,500) that there is only one way for half decent Z3s to go. Z3 2.8i models already on the up.

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