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Buying a classic car for £5K

I have around £5000 to spend on a classic car, to be used at weekends and occasionally during the week. I'm thinking of an original Saab 900, hatch or convertible, BMW 3 series E30, VW Golf GTI Mk1 or Mk2, or original Golf Convertible. I'm keen on the Saab but feel a Golf would be cheapest and easiest to maintain. Anything else I should consider? Your thoughts would be welcomed.

Asked on 31 October 2014 by Matt

Answered by Honest John
Your problem with a Mk 1 Golf will mainly be rust, especially with the cabrio which, incidentally, did not have power steering. If a Mk II, then better a 1.8 16v because the normal 8v engine was a bit dull (I used to run both). E30s are all timing belt engines apart from the 318iS, which, with 140PS and a timing chain is a good choice. Again, beware rust. The old SAAB 900 has a lot of charm, and chain cam engines, but avoid the horrible 3-speed auto. 205GTI prices are currently shooting up and though they don't normally have a rust problem they are very light build, so you don't want to have a crash in one. More here:
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