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Buying an older BMW soft-top

I'm thinking of a getting an old E30 or E36 BMW convertible for summer motoring as a third car. My budget is £5000 so that should get me a really good example. Can you recommend which is the best model as I have heard the E36 quality can be suspect?

Also, do you think a four-cylinder model might be a more reliable option than the 6 (fuel economy is also a consideration ). Looking for best quality and peace of mind ownership above all else. I am perusing Old Colonel Cars and Four star classics as they both seem to have nice cars.

Asked on 28 January 2013 by Karpy

Answered by Honest John
Most of these cars were 'got at' so it is very difficult to find an original example in good shape. The six is smoother. E30s were belt cam. E36s were almost all chain cam apart from the very first.
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