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Imported classic car gotchas?

I've been offered a 1990 "classic" Porsche which is currently in Japan. The trade seller says he will handle the registrations, import duty, and documentation so it is ready to drive when handed to me.

It has very low mileage, but I know the Japanese generally take very good care of their premium cars (bordering on OCD in my experience.)

Any gotchas I should be thinking of? For example, I'm conscious that resale value could be impacted if all the service documentation etc is in Japanese.

Asked on 7 August 2014 by gflyons

Answered by Honest John
RHD or LHD. (Japan is RHD, but the car may not be.) There will be certain procedures to go through which, if the vendor does the job regularly, he will know about. But from this it seems to me that he wants you to buy the car before it is imported, so what guarantee do you have that if you pay the money you will receive the car undamaged and with nothing more to pay? The model is designated 964. Not quite the last of the air-cooled 911s:
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