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Most economical way to insure cars for private sale?

I have two cars that I want to sell privately. Both are currently SORN'd and un-insured (stored on private premises). I insured one of them (a 2002 Volkswagen Golf TDI Anniversary) for a day to get an MOT, but am now faced with what to do when I come to sell them.

Having never sold privately I'm concerned about how best to insure the cars, I won't be using either of them on a daily basis whilst they are for sale but want to be able to let prospective buyers have a test drive if they so wish. I would put the value of the Mk4 Golf at sub-£3000, the other car, a Mk2 Golf Driver at circa £750.

What is the best way of going about this? Insuring on a daily basis is expensive and only insures me to drive (unless I am missing something) and I don't want to be left picking up the pieces (and the bills) should something go wrong during a test drive.

Asked on 6 January 2014 by GDS

Answered by Honest John
You could consign the car you think it worth £3k to

Rather than fork out a fortune on insurance so that private buyers can test drive the Mk II, either offer it to Club GTI members with the proviso that they can't drive it unless they bring their own insured trade plates, or sell it to a trader.
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