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Rebuilt classic engine failed - who is to blame?

I had a new engine built for my beloved classic Golf by a specialist who has been trading for 20 yrs and are known in Volkswagen circles. It was shipped and fitted by my excellent independent VW specialists.

On its first drive to its MOT it was hot - it wouldn't start until cooled down. Today on a drive to heat it up to investigate the issues, the engine seized during driving, locked even with a spanner directly on crank - once cooled runs again... My garage think that the piston bore space is too narrow post rebore and thus heat seizing.

The company who rebuilt the engine is already trying to blame the installers with suggestions of the oil pump not working etc. With the cost of picking up the car for a 3.5 hours journey from Bucks how do I protect myself under the warranty for a year and how do I protect myself against a potential blame culture which will be costly and doesnt help me get the car back?

Asked on 4 June 2013 by Oscardog75

Answered by Honest John
The oil pump is internal to the engine so should have been checked and replaced by the specialist who rebuilt the engine. This canot possibly be the responsibility of the installer. If the specialist won't play ball, then sue him in the small claims track of the county court, starting with But warn him that tis is what you propose to do before you do it, just in case he capitulates.
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