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Why is my Beetle's restoration so expensive and slow?

Last November I put my Volkswagen Beetle 1303 into a classic Volkswagen specialist for a restoration. By the end of May the restoration of the body was complete and I had paid them £21,610. Since then, work on routine mechanical jobs has slowed right down. I am always told they are busy because classic cars now need much more work done on them to get through an MOT. I see no evidence of this and I feel that, having paid out the price of a new car some time ago, they should finish my car promptly.

Asked on 20 October 2012 by NR, Bristol

Answered by Honest John
£21,610 to incompletely restore a Volkswagen Beetle that will then be worth maybe £10,000? That demands some very searching questions. And if they cannot be answered satisfactorily you will have to get a solicitor involved.
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