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Bought an Aston Martin at auction that is not as described

I recently bought an Aston Martin at auction on an absent bid as I was away. The car was sold to me as a running and driving prototype. I plan to show and demonstrate it at concours.

The car is immobile. According to the storage firm, it took five people to manoeuvre it into their facility. They were given express instructions not to attempt to start the car as it does not run.

The auction firm have said that it was running before the auction. It looks to me that they or Aston Martin couldn't get it started hence the boot and footwell being taken apart and left in a mess of wires.

I would like to know if I can reject it as it is substantially not as described in the catalogue?

Asked on 14 June 2016 by GGEO1UK

Answered by Honest John
Cars sold at auction are sold on the auctioneer's description, not the catalogue description. The auctioneer's description is always taped in case of any dispute. Often at a classic sale when something like this happens, the condition of the car is clarified by the auctioneer.

If the auctioneer stated that the car was running when it arrived at the sale, but subsequent attempts had failed to persuade it to run, then that would have affected the bidding and it may well be that your successful bid was £100,000 less than someone else might have bid had the car been running.

So, first step: go back to the auctioneers and ask for a copy of the auctioneer's description at the sale. If he described it as running, then you have a clear-cut dispute. if he didn't (or if he did), you have to decide if the likely cost of getting the car running warrants getting the work done. It may be that Aston Martin will contribute. Which car is this? Can't be the DB2 coming up in Bonhams at the Festival of Speed. Was it the Spectre DB10 sold by Christies for $3.7 million?
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