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On the rodent

With reference to the email "Chewed Lore", I have stored my car in Florida over the past ten summers and to keep the rodents out of it I hang a supermarket plastic bag of mothballs in the engine compartment. Rodents are a particular problem in the summer with the high temperatures, but I have had no problems, although two neighbours have had their electrics destroyed.

A friend who has a large car business in New Hampton, Long Island assures me that this method deters the rodents in the cold winter. I hope that this may be some help to your correspondent.

Asked on 29 December 2012 by CR, via email

Answered by Honest John
Good tip. I'd never have thought of mothballs to keep them off. Most people these days rate ultra-sonics. Do they work as an alligator repellent? Maybe an alligator in the garage would work as an effective rat repellent?
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