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I'm storing my classic car for six months, should I leave petrol in the tank?

I will put my classic car into my garage with a fitted cover in October for six months. Would it be best to fill the tank up with petrol to stop the condensation forming in the tank, or leave it nearly empty? I always use BP super premium in the car.

Asked on 21 August 2018 by David Williams

Answered by Keith Moody
There are a few tips and tricks you can use when storing your classic over winter. Make sure it is clean and the bodywork is waxed and polished. Change the oil and filter before you stow it away. You can also use a trickle charger to keep the battery in good condition (or disconnect it). You'll also want to make sure you run it up to temperature every couple of months and, if possible, take it for a spin around the block (make sure the brakes etc are working and don't forget to wipe it down before putting it away). As for the fuel, well if left for more than three months it could 'split' allowing the ethanol content to concentrate in one area - this can be bad news for certain components, think glassfibre and various engine components and contaminating the fuel system (so it might be worth fitting an inline fuel filter). Our advice: Fill the tank and use an additive. If you can run the car every month or so, that will also help things.
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