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Younger drivers can buy and insure modern classic cars, such as a 1991 Golf, much more cheaply than a modern car.

I thought your readers might be interested in this info. In the last 16 years I've mainly owned and run older cars. What I've found is that you can insure a lot of cars over 16 years old on a classic car policy. The benefits of this are it’s usually much cheaper and you get an agreed value instead of market value. That means if your car is a total loss they pay what's agreed at the start of the policy: a good way for younger people to get cheap insurance.

Here are a few examples: 1991 Volkswagen Golf Mk II Driver, for me (aged 34) is £124 a year including European breakdown. A 1988 Golf Mk II 1.3 for an 18-year-old £650 (quoted nearer to £3000 from non-classic insurers). You usually don't get a No-claims with classic insurers but if you go to a mainstream insurer in the future, and say you've had three years claim free and get a letter to prove it, they recognise this. So for your younger readers it may be worth getting a car over 16 years old. Footman James is great. Others to try are: Adrian Flux, HIC, Sure Term Direct and Lancaster.

Asked on 9 January 2012 by JH, Bristol

Answered by Honest John
This used to be the way for a youngster to build up no claims. A friend of mine started his 17-year-old in a Morris Minor. He graduated through an MGB to a front-drive Lotus Elan before he was 21. But most classic insurers now impose restrictions on anyone under 21. It’s worth making the point, though. Many people don't think of a 16 year old Golf as a 'classic'. Links in:
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