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BMW 3 Series convertible from the '80s; good first car, or am I mad!?

After an ebay hour spent looking at these online, I was wondering whether they would be affordable as a first car? My brother will be learning to drive soon, and these seem stylish and relatively dependable.

Plus the fairly lazy throttle, sharp brakes and the nature of the car make it seem suitable for learning about car control. I am an old car fan who has learnt some basic mechanical skills while learning in a Rover Mini, and the car would not be needed for everyday use, so reliability isn't so much of an issue. Do you think this would be a wise choice?

Alternatively, would other 80s cars of this sort be suitable, such as a Mk1 Golf Convertible, or 205 CTI? We aren't looking for a modern car so much, but would love to know whether any of these options are financially viable for a young driver.
Many thanks :)

Asked on 13 January 2013 by campaj1

Answered by Honest John
E30 3-Series convertible. Most survivors have been got at, or stolen and recovered. Very hard to find a genuine, original car and a non original will be uninsurable and may even be illegal. Mk 1 Golf convertibles are usually rotted out, and new hoods for them cost thousands. A 205CTI was an unwise convertible because very light to start with and a death trap with the top cut off.
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