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Are Mercedes-Benz E320 Sportline Convertibles rare?

In your recent reply to DP's classic MB query you recommended that he should definitely consider acquiring a Mercedes-Benz 1993-96 E320 Sportline Convertible. Where are they all? I've seen several ads for E220 cabs and rather fewer for E320 variants, but not E320 Sportline. Were they only produced in limited numbers and are the alternative models mentioned not so great?

Asked on 18 February 2012 by NG, Tonbridge

Answered by Honest John
There never were very many and those are extremely coveted. That's why they are valuable. You can get an E220 cabrio with a perfect hood for less than £4500. There was one for sale outside a closed down pub called the Grotto on Monument Hill, Weybridge for £4500.
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