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Should my sister-in-law refurbish or replace her Mercedes-Benz E280?

My 81-year-old sister-in-law has a 1994 Mercedes-Benz E280 4-speed auto that she has owned for 13 years and of which she is very fond. She would like to carry on using the car because it is comfortable, she is used to it and to change it for a new car of similar size and quality would be very expensive.

However, the Mercedes has done 150,000 miles and is beginning to show signs of decay so something has to be done. I have suggested that, rather than go to the expense of buying a new or nearly new replacement, she may like to consider a professional refurbishment that I think would cost a lot less and allow her to keep the only car that she really wants. Is this a sensible course of action and, if so, can you recommend anyone to carry out the work?

Asked on 19 May 2012 by BK, Crewkwerne

Answered by Honest John
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