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Which old car?

I want to keep a car at my parents, it will be used once a month and kept off road but not garaged.

I have a Golf mk2 1988 1.6 cl 32k miles which is a brilliant car and a 1990 Mazda MX-5 also excellent. I'm tempted to buy a mk2 Golf and have been looking at a 1.8gl auto - are the autos any good?

I've also been looking at a E34 and W124, both seem possible at around £1k but I'm wondering what would be the best buy as the car will be outside very near the coast?

Asked on 5 February 2012 by ant8

Answered by Honest John
These are all old cars and potentially lots of trouble - usually serious. The number of things that could be wrong with them are too many to list. Some sketchy outline in car by car breakdown on this site. From memory, Golf MkII automatics had a lot of trouble with their cooling systems. There was even a Mk II recall to replace the heater matrix.
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