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Consumer rights following purchase of a classic Porsche?

I bought a Porsche 928 from a classic car dealer. It is a 1987 model sold with one year's MoT, so I knew that it would come with some problems that would never be picked up on an inspection or test drive and was OK with this.

I had the car serviced at a local independent Porsche specialist and he has identified some faults.

These faults with the car (including steering rack, suspension and brakes) that I have been told are obvious MoT failures and I wonder where I stand from a consumer rights perspective.

I have driven the car no more than 300 miles (240 on the day I collected it bringing it home). I have had it in my possession for 19 days from collecting and it has been at the garage for 6 weeks so far.

As i have already started doing some work (that has cost me thousands so far) on the car I would very much like to keep it because it is fundamentally a solid car.

Can you advise me where I stand in terms of recompense from the dealer?

Asked on 8 April 2013 by phs3272

Answered by Honest John
Nowhere. It's one specialist's opinion against an MoT inspector and the specialist will, of course, be looking for work. Had you not touched the car you might have stood some chance of returning it for a refund. But as it is, you have had work done without the authorisation of the vendor and he is not in any way liable for it.
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