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Changing an automatic to a manual?

I have a Mk1 (1990) VW Golf 1.8 Clipper Cabriolet Auto and have had it for many years.

The auto box is starting to play up a little bit so am thinking of taking the plunge and having the car converted from an automatic to a manual gearbox.

I know that it can be done (at a cost) and I am happy with this. More important to me is finding a relatively local company who can do it properly.

The car is an old friend and I am reluctant to sell it and buy a manual (sentimental nonsense and all that) even though this would be far cheaper.

Can you recommend a garage in Kent or the south east of England who may be able to help?

Asked on 20 January 2013 by phs3272

Answered by Honest John
All we have is in: , but the idea is not very practical. Better to have the auto transmission rebuilt by a member of
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