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Running issues with my 1988 VW Scirocco

I have an 88 Scirocco. When I go to pull away and the engine stutters and nearly cuts out. Starts fine, ticks over fine, revs fine when stationary. Stick it in gear lift the clutch it stutters with no power.

Depress the clutch its fine again! Had a look in the Haynes manual and decided to follow the procedure to test the ignition module, but first it says you have to know the coil is good. So I followed the test procedure for that twice and got a different set of readings each time - neither of which were within the ohms range stated in the manual.

As it still starts and runs fine at a stand still the coil is still providing a spark but with the readings so far out would that be causing my problems?

Asked on 23 September 2012 by mactat2

Answered by Alan Ross
Well we would suggest that you check the air intake system for leaks.
If all okay then check the VAF (volume air flow) sensor plate/and or control plunger.
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