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1990 Scirocco keeps snapping clutch cables

My 1990 Volkswagaen Scirocco had its clutch replaced in November 2013 along with the clutch cable. Since then the cable has snapped on five occasions.

The first two times the car was returned to the garage and the clutch cable was replaced, the third time the garage replaced the clutch and the cable, twice the AA replaced the inner cable. The clutch pedal is very heavy to press.

I have arranged an appointment for the car to be inspected by a Volkswagen/Audi specialist, who I hope will advise me on the problem and possible repair.

What am I likely to expect from a specialist?

Asked on 4 July 2014 by chrishale478

Answered by Honest John
I had this on a Mk II GTI. What has happened is that the clutch release arm has bent. This makes the clutch very heavy and is leading to the cable failures.
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