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Buying a sports car as an investment

I have always wanted an Aston Martin and the V8 Vantage is affordable. I want the car to be an investment and to depreciate as little as possible.

I have been offered an 18,000 mile 05 model for £43,000. The car will be garaged, kept for many years and will only do 5 - 8k miles per year. Do you think this is a good buy?

Also, if you were able to spend £45k on a prestiege or classic car that has seen the worst of its depreciation, is reliable and can be used at weekends and on dry days, what car you would recommend?

I have considered a Maserati Gran Turismo, Nissan Skyline GTR and Porsche 911 Targa (993, 996 or 997).

Asked on 13 December 2011 by Nigel A

Answered by Honest John
It's an attractive buy. In a stable economy, cars like this depreciate for 5 years or so, then bottom out, level off and start appreciating again. Ferraris tend to be the best bet and in that price category I'd be looking at a 550 or 575. Go for a 911 aircooled 993 or watercooled 997, not a 996. The trouble is, our economy is anything but stable, we have been living on credit for too long, and we could all have to start living on 50% less.
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