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How much is my Ginetta G33 worth?

What would the trade consider my car is worth? I've owned it for 26 of it's 32 years. It's been driven regularly - usually every 3 weeks max and is in good shape. A difficult car to value, I'm sure, but a couple have been sold at auction recently for around £30,000.

Asked on 15 June 2023 by Glenn Hyde

Answered by David Ross
Pricing rare cars such as these is difficult, but for the most part their value is what someone is prepared to pay for one.

A good way to get some idea of its value is to look for examples that are already for sale, and if you are not already joining a dedicated club is a good way to both get an idea of its value and also find a buyer. We had a quick look online and found a 1992 example with 21,000 miles on sale for £17,500.
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