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Four years ago, an elderly relative passed away and left his 1960 Bentley S2 saloon in his garage. I purchased his house from the estate and moved from my parents home. I was also able to purchase the Bentley for a sensible figure. There is still a lot of bodywork required and some interior trim but the car has recently passed its MoT test without any warning notes attached. One of the conditions of buying the car was that I would not dispose of it unless it was for another Bentley. I have spoken to various Bentley dealers and main agents with a view to getting a £2,000 scrappage scheme allowance but none of them is interested and I've been quoted figures in excess of £ 18,000 to do the necessary body and interior work at which point the car may be worth between £10k and £15k. What should I do? My agreement with the original owners widow is morally binding while she survives him and I have promised to take her for a run in a Bentley once a year on her birthday…a concession in the purchase price.

Asked on 4 July 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Assuming this isn’t a plausible spoof, I'm afraid your e-mail is going to outrage classic car enthusiasts, particularly members of the Bentley Driver's Club. 'Scrappage' means what it says. If you got £2,000 for the S2 under the scrappage scheme, it would have to be crushed and ground up into small fragments for recycling. You seem to have an MoT'd running example of an S2 V8 which must be worth more than £2,000 however scruffy it may appear. If you want to dispose of it, try entering it in Barons next sale at Sandown Park on 27th/28th July. Website: Then use what you get towards a more up to date Bentley.
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