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Will a Honda Civic Jordan ever be a classic car?

We're a two-car family, but as both of us are retired our Honda Civic Jordan now only does a 1000 miles a year. It's a one owner, garaged, 66,000 miles, FSH, recent rolling road test reveals in great condition, has factory fitted rear spoiler. We also have caps, polo shirts and an umbrella all branded with the Honda Jordan racing team. The question is, is it worth keeping, or will someone other than us appreciate a much cared for motor?

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For us, this is a much-underappreciated car and one of the coolest pieces of F1 memorabilia. They were built to celebrate Honda’s relationship with the Jordan Formula 1 team and pushed the standard 1.6 VTi-S to 160bhp and could hit 140mph. At the time, it was the fastest Civic. Only 500 were made with an estimated 300 still on the road. If you can, we'd say keep it. It's hard to put a value on these models as they change hands so infrequently - but our gut instinct tells us you might have to wait a few more years for prices to firm up.
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