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What is my father's 1993 Peugeot 205 worth?

My father needs to sell his 1993 Peugeot 205 automatic as he is no longer able to drive. It is in good condition with an MoT until Feb 20. What value could I expect and where would be the best place to sell it?

Asked on 26 September 2019 by Richard Wood

Answered by Keith Moody
Prices for the 205 GTI have gone stellar over the past five years and that has dragged values of the more humble models up a bit. Depending on the condition you're looking at about £500 to £1000.... maybe a bit more if it's FSH and in first-class condition. There is some appreciation of these glorious happy shoppers, but you might have to be patient if you want to sell it for more than a few hundred quid. As far as where to sell it, we'd recommend getting it in as many outlets as possible - try traditional classic print newspapers and magazines as well as websites. We've got some tips on selling a car here:
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