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Does selling a car on SORN affect the price?

Does selling a car on SORN affect the price? I have a BMW Z3 Roadster with 12 months MoT and 108,500 miles. What do you think it could reasonably command?

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Not really. With these sorts of cars potential buyers will understand that you're probably just using the car for the summer - the big question will be how it's been stored. Has it been garaged, run regularly.... this is because cars that get laid up often accumulate issues due to lack of use. A quick MoT history check shows the car is roadworthy with fails on the usual issues of corroded brake pipes. As for how much it's worth, you're probably looking at between £2500 and £3500. It's a six-pot, which is the more desirable one. A low mileage example that's in excellent condition would be around £6.5k on a dealer's forecourt. Ultimately, a car is only worth what a buyer's willing to pay and as the UK heads towards political uncertainty and into autumn fewer people are thinking about buying a car for the summer, which could depress the value of your modern classic.
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