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How much is my Mk2 Volkswagen Golf worth?

How much should I ask for a Mk2 Volkswagen Golf automatic with 60,000 miles and one owner prior to me. It has the original cassette player, a full-service history, four new tyres and a year's MoT.
A littlegem Need brakes looking at, otherwise perfect

Asked on 1 August 2019 by samantha

Answered by Keith Moody
When it comes to Golfs, high-performance models such as the GTi tend to command the strongest prices. However, there is a solid market for unmolested examples in good condition. A really good non-GTi example would be about £2500 on a dealer's forecourt or about £1900 in the classifieds. One that's a bit scruffy and in need of some TLC would be anywhere around £1000, while a non-runner or a project would be £750. Try to find a similar car to yours and price it accordingly - but be careful, the market can be skewed by people asking more because it's their car's been modified.
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