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Is a 1998 MGF Abingdon a rare car?

Is a 1998 MGF Abingdon a rare car? Apparently, only 500 were produced. How can I find out the value?

Asked on 25 July 2019 by James Burberry

Answered by Keith Moody
The MGF Register reckons there were about 1500 Abingdon special editions made, although cars fitted with a VVC engine are generally thought to be slightly rarer with an estimated 350 made. Genuine Abingdon's should be finished in Brooklands Racing Green with a HMM paint code and a tan hood. MGF prices tend to be lower than their peers, but a really good one on a dealer's forecourt is about £4k with a similar car selling privately for about £3500. Abingdon's don't seem to carry much of a premium, in fact the last one that sold on eBay went for £1250 (although that did have 90k on the clock). At the other end of the spectrum was an example for sale at Trophy Cars for £6k. Proving the old adage 'a car is worth whatever you want to pay for it.'. Reader and MG enthusiast James Thornborough adds the figure 1500 only applies if you include the Australia export market.
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