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How can I sell my late husband's 1961 Ford Consul which is in bits?

My husband died recently and I am left with a 1961 Ford Consul which is in bits with lots of spares. I don’t know where to start in trying to sell it. How and where should I advertise it? I don’t know its worth. Basically, any advice on how I could sell it would be appreciated.

Asked on 25 March 2019 by Janice Lockwood

Answered by Keith Moody
Sorry to hear about your loss. It's worth contacting the Ford Classic & Capri Owners' Club ( as they might know of an enthusiast looking to take on this sort of project. It's really hard to put a price on this sort of project - a complete car that had failed an MoT would be worth about grand. A collection of boxes would be worth less - and unless he kept detailed notes and pictures it would be hard to know if the car was complete. How far did he get with the project? The value will be higher if he's done all the welding or rebuilt the engine, for example.
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