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A friend has been left a Vauxhall Royale Coupe by her late father - who would be interested in it?

I have a friend who has been left, a Vauxhall Royale Coupe by her late father. It is a 1979 model in moderate condition and currently on a SORN notice. She would like it to go to be repaired and back on the road again. Can you please let me know the names and addresses of any Royale Car clubs or collectors who may be interested in this car? The lady is not too worried about value but would like to see the car restored and back on the road.

Asked on 13 March 2019 by JOHN MARKWICK

Answered by Keith Moody
You could try the Vauxhall Monza and Royale Club (, there's also the Vauxhall Bedford Owners' Association (
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