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Is a Mercedes-Benz SL a sensible buy as a classic?

I am in love with classic Mercedes-Benz SLs, especially R107 models built between 1970 and 1989. Finding a Mercedes-Benz R107 at a good price and in good condition, especially late RHD SL500 (242 BHP) models, is increasingly difficult. The LHD SL560 produced from 1985 only for US, Japan and Australia seems tempting. What are the potential pitfalls of importing one? What would you look for where and who could help? What are the insurance and emissions implications? The European 560 SEC the 560 V8 produced 296 or 275 BHP (latter with catalyst). Are all 560 SLs restricted by US-required emissions equipment to 227 BHP? Is it possible to remove the emissions equipment from a 560SL to unleash its full potential?

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I'm afraid you've missed the boat on R107s. Ten years ago, prices were competitive but not any more. It's unlikely that you'll save any money on importing one by the time you've paid fees, shipping and VAT... and that's before your planned modifications. As power seems to be high on your list of requirements, have a look at the R129 series that replaced the R107 as these can still be found for under £10k.
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