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Can I convert a manual gearbox to an automatic in a 1968 Wolseley?

I want to change a normal gearbox into an automatic gearbox for a Wolseley 16/60 built in 1968. Is it easy to convert this and what will it cost?

Asked on 28 November 2018 by willm bol

Answered by Keith Moody
What you're describing in an absolutely massive task. We spoke to Chris Chantrell, technical director at the Wolseley Owners Club, who said to do this job you'd need a gearbox, bell housing, brackets, linkages, cables, pedal box and selector. 'Additionally, I think the crankshaft and prop shaft are different. The diff ratio is different as well. Practically, the only real way to do it would be to find a scrapper and break it for all the parts required. They do pop up even now. Balby Motor Spares in Doncaster usually have cars for breaking. Bear in mind that a 16/60 is just an A60 in a dress, so there is a wide range of models which might fit the bill. Visit the Cambridge Oxford Owners Club ( - they're a friendly and knowledgeable crowd.'
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